Freediving Coaches of Asia


We are the Freediving Coaches of Asia

heart rate versus breathhold time
heart rate versus breathhold time

Our 3 missions are:

1. to teach ABSOLUTELY EVERYBODY how to survive at sea.

2. to teach freediving because those that get to love the sea will take care of it.

3. to train coaches so that when those coaches go home they will also teach there family and friends how to survive and dive.

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Regular coaches teaching in Mabini Batangas: (Roger) (Vertical) (Clair)

Puerto Galera

Ilo ilo:


Cagayan de Oro

Cebu (Ivy)

Taiwan, Taipei

Zambia, Siavonga

Mozambique, Maputo

FCOA President Haze Gallos

FCOA Vise President: Romar Roca

FCOA Founder: Jeroen Elout

00639174489590 (also on WhatsApp)


In Ligaya Mabinin, Batangas, Philippines

In Puerto Galera, Philippines

What makes FCOA unique?


Be the change

1 First of all, our nonswimmer program:

- We welcome nonswimmers! about 50% of our participants arrive as nonswimmer and goes home as a beginning diver.

2. Credit for existing skills

-We give credit for existing skills and past experiences. If you did an Intro elsewhere, or are an already cerified (free)diver, then you'll get a discount in propotion with your existing level.

3. No depth requirements!

Non of our lessons has a depth requirement. Our focus is on your awareness of your body, your buddy and your location. Our aim is to get you to be comfortable under water and to increase you duration (breathold time) Once your confidence and duration increases, extra depth will be a natural byproduct.

4. Our Navigation lesson is something special and gets you ready to explore with confidence. The subjects covered in this unique lesson are:

- Tidal forcasting

- Drift awareness 

- Triangulation (making a fix)

- Compass use and 

- Time management.

5. Our Coach training program, 

In lesson 5 we get you ready to participate in further teachings. Some participants feel a bit nervouse about that initially, but after their first teaching experience they feel empowered. It's a fact that once you start participating in coaching, you will become a better buddy. You will understand your future buddies better and you'll be more able to share your knowledge and skills.

6. Discounted Scuba Certification course. Once you pass the  "FCOA mask drill" you will get a 4k discount on your Scuba Course

7. FCoA is a non profit organisation, the course prices paid cover equipment use and the exspenses made by the coaches.

  1. Once you have done your coach training with us you will never pay again to join our events as long as you participate in the teachings. The regular coaches manage to earn back their travel costs, their course fees and their investments in gear.55